Best online dating platforms

Everyone knows someone who met their “Love Of My Life ” through online dating. But just like dating itself, finding the right site for you can take some trial and error. There are a lot of stats that support this claim.

But because not all of us make decisions based on numbers alone, we also rounded out this list with a few other options that may suit your specific situation. Some of these cater for users of a certain age, Black or BIPOC users, those with specific interests in common and others that might not find their perfect date on one of the most popular apps.


But the truth is, online dating can feel overwhelming. It’s not just having to make judgements based off a couple of photos and one-line bios, or the awkwardness of sending direct messages (or DMs) to strangers only to be ghosted. The sheer number of apps and users can make simply swiping seem like a daunting task.

Check US-reviews for people’s comments about online dating apps.

Whether you’re looking for a casual fling, a rebound to get over a breakup or your next long-term relationship, you can start by downloading one of these dating apps or visiting one these dating platforms.

1.    OurTime

According to a particular survey, 25 percent of internet users between the ages of 50 to 65 have used a dating app or service. OurTime turns the idea of hookup culture on its head; instead, it encourages users to search for pen pals, friends, dates, long-term relationships and marriage partners.

The free-to-download app lets you send emails, flirt, and match with potential partners, and a premium subscription ($38 per month) allows for additional features like the ability to see who has liked your profile.

2.    Match

Match is the most popular online dating app in about 20 states according to PCMag’s survey of 2,000 people. As one of the OG dating services, it’s moved from website-only to a website and app.

Match has a specific appeal to those between 40and 60 looking for a serious relationship.

3.    OKCupid

This popular dating website and app is free, allowing you to browse profiles and reach out to anyone you want to connect with. That said, you can pay for premium services, and those premium services can make the site a little easier to navigate. For instance, with the paid version, there are unlimited likes and no outside ads. You can also see who “likes” you before you like them. However, with the free version, you don’t know who has clicked “like” on your profile unless you also “like” them. Prices vary.

4.    Bumble

Similar to Tinder, Bumble enables users to find a match by swiping right if you like the person or left if you don’t. The major differentiating factor is, for heterosexual couples, the woman must send a message first. Conversely, with same-sex couples, either person can initiate contact.

5.    Tinder

With this popular app which is also available on desktop, you can simply swipe through profiles, albeit with scant information on each potential match. 

As you look at photos, you can select a heart icon or an X; alternatively, you can swipe to the right if you like a profile or swipe to the left if you don’t. If you like somebody who also likes your photo, then you’ll be alerted that you have a match, and you’ll be able to message your potential date.

6 Useful Tips for Using Dating Sites

Dating sites are an extremely popular way to get connected with like-minded individuals that have the same interests. However, many people will feel quite nervous when it comes to trying to use this type of site. Let’s take a look at a few of the most effective ways to stay safe on the preferred dating sites:

Personal information

A simple rule that must always be followed is the need to stay safe and to be careful with the amount of personal information you give out during the initial conversations. It is best to avoid giving out personal details until a few in-person meetings have taken place. You can slowly start to give out more information when you feel comfortable.


The initial conversations should relate to regular things, such as what you get up to in your day-to-day life. Try to find things that interest both parties and expand your conversations from there. The ability to stay flexible in your topics will help to increase the likelihood of finding a successful match. Also, it is important to get involved in conversations when they start and not to be overly shy. Additionally, there are many different ways to get involved with a website and its users, such as sharing likes and dislikes.


Every user needs to complete their profile thoroughly. This will help to find other members that have a particular interest in your lifestyle. A poorly completely profile often comes across as not serious or fake and unlikely to attract the desired attention.


Make sure to invest a little time to shortlist the most promising dating websites that match your particular interests. There are dating sites to match literally every interest, so you shouldn’t have too much difficulty finding something that suits your needs. Also, there are plenty of review and comparison sites that can help to identify the best options.


There is a high chance that you will need to send plenty of messages before you start to get worthwhile replies that may be worth taking further. Plus, it is important to be patient and avoid sending multiple messages to other members that interest you.

Block Button

Apart from withholding personal information, there are also other ways to stay safe and avoid contact with those you don’t feel comfortable with. Most of the dating sites include a block button that will instantly stop a conversation with someone you deem to be rude, aggressive or inappropriate.

Online Dating Strategy

Lately, I have been coming across a lot of online dating sites.

Being a single male I decided to join a couple sites that I have come across just to see what they were about.

I know there are literally a plethora of websites- so when deciding, do your research on the most trusted and reputable sites on the market.

Make sure you have an idea of what you are looking for and the kind of experience you would like to get from your time online.

While browsing some sites it dawned on me that I did not really know how to stand out and get the kind of attention I’d like to have in the online dating world.

So it got me thinking…

What are the best things to do when it comes to online dating?

Tip 1: Finding the best site for you

Once you have an idea of what you are looking for with your online dating experience you will be able to select the best match for your interests.

There are generally four types of online dating services, which include:

General Online Dating – These sites are usually set-up for everyone to be able to view each other and make a decision on who may fit them best based off their profile. Most of the time people are just looking to date and get a feel for one another. Some people join these sites out of curiosity, boredom, or a recommendation. Site examples are Datehookup, POF, and

Relationship – Relationship sites are designed to bring people together based on compatibility tests created by psychologists or relationship experts to determine the best match for you based off your answers/responses to questionnaires or tests given. Most of the good sites are paid membership. Site examples are eHarmony,, or Zoosk.

Social Networking – These sites are free of charge and allow you to connect with people all over the world. They are not necessarily used as a dating tool, but can be used to effectively find you a date in the process or being a part of the website if you know what you are doing. Site examples are Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn.

Specific (Niche) – These sites are usually geared towards bringing people together with specific interest’s, passions, or desires. Site examples are Millionaire Match, Friend Finder, or Christian Mingle.

Tip 2: Create a meaningful and truthful profile

I always tell my friends… “Be careful who you speak to because you can be anybody you want to be online these days.”

Make sure that your profile is real and based off what you are about, who you are, and what you are really looking for.

People can usually tell how genuine or sincere you are once they communicate with you either through the phone or in person… if you even make it that far.

So make sure your profile gives them just enough to be enticed to send you a message, but not enough that you are telling your whole life story.

Be short, simple, honest, and to the point.

Tip 3: Spend time reading people’s profile and not just looking at their pictures

People like to know that you have spent some time actually trying to see what kind of person they are.

Nobody wants to spend time on creating a profile and not have anyone read what they wrote.

Send a message letting them know that you have read their profile and are truly interested in getting to know them for who they are and not what they look like.

Tip 4: Post recent pictures of yourself smiling and having fun

Statistics show that people are more likely to send you a message if you have a picture, but are also more likely to send you a message if you are smiling and look happy in your pictures.

Pictures of you smiling make you seem more inviting, honest, fun, and trustworthy.

Tip 5: Be respectful to others

The same rules apply online as they do offline.

Treat people they way you would like to be treated and you will have a positive online experience.

Nobody likes to be called names, ridiculed, or criticized.

So make sure you say and do nothing but positive things in your online experience and you will surely have an enjoyable one.

By following these tips I am sure you will have a positive outcome with your online experience.

If it is friendship, a partner, or a lover you seek I wish you the best.

Online dating can be used as a positive tool that can assist you with building character and developing friendships that can last a lifetime.

Best Wishes!

Online Dating – What You Need To Know

Dating women is not limited to making friendships only; it goes beyond. When you start dating, you also propose to lead and share your life with her. Obviously, both of you will have to know each other first and that could foster an everlasting relationship. When it comes to the choice of women, there are various factors to consider. There is physical beauty, good nature, manners and culture, personality and homeliness. You want your woman to have a little of all these qualities even though she might not be perfect.

Interestingly, for the benefit of those who prefer dating, there are varied internet services or dating websites that you can use. The online dating websites are quite customer friendly and provide several versatile services for the dating couple.

How do they work?

The web agencies have registered members from all over the globe giving you a wider selection to choose from. The online dating websites have their own set of rules and restrictions. On most sites registration is open only to those women who are 18 years of age or above. When creating a profile, the member is required to provide important personal details such as her age, date of birth, place of birth, zodiac, education, marital status, including children if any, hobbies etc. Along with these, a photo of the member is also requested. Thus, when you look up the profile of women available for dating, you get a brief bio as well as a picture of how the person looks.

The agency takes enough care to see that every profile is thoroughly checked and only then it is made available on the website. The websites are adequately protected against hackers and scammers so as to ensure privacy of every chatting couple.

Some online dating sites are dedicated to women of a particular race or belonging to a particular country or religion. There are special dating sites for singles, widows, widowers and divorcees. There are also sites based on age such as dating for above 40 or above 50. Some online dating sites provide the services of a moderator, who also acts as a translator for the benefit of people from countries with no command over the language used on the platform. A few sites offer multi-language facility so that language does not become a barrier in dating.

Most dating web service agencies have different categories of membership like free, silver and gold membership. Each category has certain unique service facilities. The translator’s service could be activated against the request. There are add-on services you can avail of too. If you want to send flowers as a gift of love and affection to the woman you chat with, you can request the agency to do so if they offer such a facility. If you experience difficulty in finding a woman of the type you are looking for, you can even seek the assistance of an advisor. With your approval, the advisor will contact the woman and make every effort to introduce her to you.

Thousands of registered members of online dating sites have benefited by this unique dating service. In fact, hundreds of women register themselves with these sites every day. If you are looking to date, this may be the place to start.

6 Things To Avoid When Dating Online

People have had success finding love and friendship online. Others have been unlucky with the same because of the choices they make before and during the online process. Simple mistakes can lead to negative results with your online dating efforts. Just like there are things you must do to increase your success rates, there are things you must avoid so as to reduce the chances of getting disappointed. When dating online, avoid the following.

Lying – It can be tempting to include false statements in your profile so as to attract more responses. In the process, you end up ruining your chances of a good relationship when the truth finally comes out. Never lie about things such as disabilities, children, sexual orientation and weight among others. Lying will only shoot down love before it even begins so be truthful or avoid including the information until it comes up in your conversations.

Being too choosy – You definitely have a clear picture of the person you are looking for. You however, should not include what you don’t like in a person. Talk about what qualities matter to you to attract the right attention without sounding too strict and choosy. Fact is you might find love where you least expect to find it.

Generic profile – It will not in any way make a statement on your behalf and is likely to yield no results at all. Give potential singles something to read and leave some room for curiosity to drive them in knowing you better. Create a profile that is interesting and good enough to find you potential matches.

Revealing everything too early – Women, especially have a way of giving too much information too early in dating. This is not advisable since it might end up making you very desperate and unstable. Things such as your ex and past negative experiences should be saved for later. It is actually advisable to keep them locked until that time your partner asks or till when you can honestly but wisely handle the issues. Stick to knowing each other better before anything else.

Giving too many compliments – You sure do want to sound excited and understanding during conversations by making compliments, but don’t end up giving them with every statement your partner makes. It can be irritating and put forth an image of desperation. You will seem as though you are working tooth and nail to impress your partner and this might come off negatively. Give compliments in the most deserving situations only.

Confusing between your dates – The good thing about online dating is that you have a choice to date several people at a go if you so wish. Unfortunately, it can be tricky when you have too much going on and you could end up confusing between your dates. Such confusions can put an end to a promising relationship. Be sure you know who you are talking to and what you talked about previously or just date one person at a time if it will give you a smoother time.

Steps To Enjoy Successful Online Dating

Online dating disappointments are usually as a result of mixed expectations and wrong choices. No matter how desperate you could be feeling in terms of finding love, a date, a partner or a true friend from the online sites, there is need to have a clear strategy. This will prepare you for any outcome and increase the chances of finding what you truly long for. A few steps can help you increase your success rates when choosing this dating option.

Step 1: Choose the best online dating sites

The sites now include romantic social networks where you can find much more than partners. The dating site you choose can determine the possible results your profile will fetch you. You can actually find jobs through such sites too. The secret to being a success in whatever effort you put into the online dating is choosing the most suitable site for the needs you have.

Step 2: Approach with an adventure in mind

Yes, it helps to be serious with your intention, but it is more valuable to embrace the possibilities of choosing online dating. You might be looking for love, but don’t shut out the chances of finding true lasting friendships in the process. You will be surprised at just how fulfilled you will feel even when it takes longer for you to attain your dating goals. Take the process as a journey that can bring anything your way and you will keep disappointments at bay.

Step 3: Include your best photo

Attraction is all about physical appearance before the compatibility and personality aspects come into the picture. Increase your success rates by uploading your best and current photo. Make sure the photo you use gives details of the real you without any exaggerations. Photos accentuating best attributes will work best in this case, but make sure you don’t end up uploading obscene photos since they can dent your image. Another trick is to choose photos that are in line with the profile description you have given. For instance, you can post an active photo of you if you mentioned you are sporty.

Step 4: Create an intriguing profile

The secret is to avoid telling the obvious and giving too much detail on personal issues. The profile will speak on your behalf; hence the need to concentrate on qualities and interests without making it too long. Keep it fun, informative and precise at the same time. Leave room for your dates to want to find out more about you. Some things are best left unmentioned in the profile; they will fall into place as you make progress in the relationship.

Step 5: Respond to all approaches

This is common dating etiquette. Instead of ignoring approaches, respond even to say you are not interested in dating the singles you don’t find suitable. It will save you from persistent approaches from people you are not interested in and it will also save them from dwelling too much on something that has no potential.

Tips To Write An Impressive Online Dating Profile

Romantic social networks have worked for many people looking for love, friendship, jobs and other kinds of relationships. While the sites are designed to bring hundreds of singles together to help strike meaningful relationship, how you present yourself can determine your success on the sites. The profile is your marketing tool since it is what will be used by other singles to know who you are, what you look like and whether they like you enough to want to know you better.

That said all your attention should be on your profile. The goal should be to present the real you without compromising or exaggerating anything. It helps to think about everything you are about to write down so you end up making a good impression and exercising honesty at the same time. What you include will determine how approachable you are.

  • Start by figuring out what kind of image you wish to give with your online dating profile. Would you rather present yourself as a fun-loving, independent career woman, intelligent or carefree woman? The overall impression you wish to make should guide you through the image.
  • Describe who you are carefully without ranting. Choose your words wisely and include only the most relevant information about yourself without overdoing it. Be honest without giving too much detail. Keep it attractive and the rest you can reveal as the relationship progresses.
  • Upload friendly recent photos. Considering that many singles wish to see the people they are about to date. Hence, the profile photo is important to include on your profile. However, avoid using fake pictures, edited photos and old photos. Take fresh decent photos looking your best and use them in your profile. It is the only best way of ensuring that those approaching you know exactly how you look like and love you for who you really are.
  • Genuinely list your interests and hobbies. Many women make the mistake of writing down their interests just to appear cool and adventurous. Remember that they can serve as ice breakers during conversations and you definitely will look silly if you know nothing about what you are supposed to like. It is also important in helping you find singles with similar interests.
  • Be very honest with your age when creating your online dating profile. If you are not very comfortable with this mention, avoid mentioning it instead of lying. The fact is you might be feeling old yet some men prefer older women. Be honest or wait till the man asks.
  • If you are a single mother, keep this in your status description as simple as that. Avoid giving too much detail on your child’s gender, age and other past marital statuses. They are all details that can be saved for much later in the progress of your relationship.
  • Keep your grammar in check when writing the profile. Poor grammar and spelling mistakes end up putting off good guys. Men basically love intelligent women and so you should appear such in your profile. Read through your profile before using it.

Find Love And Friendship On The Right Dating Network

Dating in some communities is taken very seriously with the end result being marriage. For ages, there have been rules governing what is considered proper dating amongst singles in such communities. Some of the rules are that dating has to occur in public places and not in seclusion. If it occurs in seclusion, there had to be a chaperone involved. Physical contact and flirting are forbidden and the family is involved from the word go of the relationship.

However, things are slowly changing and singles are taking dating as much more than just getting married. They take it as a way of getting to know each other, socializing and networking. For this reason, dating sites have been established to make it easier for singles to date and mingle with each other without any barriers. Romantic social networks designed for specific singles offer much more than just a chance to find love. They also make it possible for users to offer and find jobs, find dates, travelling partners and also get into serious relationships.

These sites make it simple to meet singles and even find brides to settle down with. But just like any other dating site, there is a need to ensure you select the best dating site to meet singles and have your objectives fulfilled. By taking the time to select the best site, you are bound to enjoy the best results with every effort you put into the dating.

What considerations should you make?

What options do you have with dating on the site?

A site that offers you much more than just a chance to mingle with other singles is better. These sites make it possible for you to even post jobs to singles or even find a job while networking on the social sites. The fact is that with such a site you can be lucky in different areas of your life which is great.

Consider the dating site features

They include communication features such as instant messaging, mail and chats. A good site should also be easy to use and have a mobile version to make it possible for you to meet singles wherever you are and whatever time you wish to do so. You should have an easy time creating your profile, uploading photos and browsing through profiles you are interested in. The features of the dating site can determine the kind of experience you have; hence the importance of checking them out and relating them to the needs you have.

Consider site coverage

Does the site cover only your country or does it also include other countries? The more the coverage the better for you since you have the option of finding local singles or extending your search to other countries to maximize your chances of finding what you are after with your social networking efforts. The breaking of geographical boundaries is one of the factors that make online dating preferred by many since the chances of finding the right person are increased.